NODUST®Fs100 offers great flexibility in dust suppression as it can be used with conventional equipment. It is efficient, effective and offers a long-term solution against dust.

Depending on the blender type, NODUST®Fs100 can be sprayed onto the fertilizer blend with cone nozzles. The regular dosage is only one liter NODUST®Fs100 per ton fertilizer blend. The dosage can deviate depending on the raw material of the blend and the blending equipment.

Application of the product does not cause any corrosion and it is harmless to humans, animals, and plants. NODUST®Fs100 can be stored for several months without losing its binding power.

Efficient and Sustainable

NODUST®Fs100 is a modified and purified biopolymer and consists of organic material. It is ready-to-use and fully biodegradable, offering a sustainable solution against dust.

Already with a low dosage of 1 litre per ton, the product binds dust particles during the fertilizer blending process. It makes the individual fertilizer granules hard and dust free, which reduces breakage and waste in the fertilizer blend.

High flexibility

NODUST®Fs100 is a highly flexible product. Depending on the blending equipment, NODUST®Fs100 can be applied onto the fertilizers with standard gear pumps and cone nozzles.

If required, NODUST®Fs100 can also be applied at loading and handling facilities of fertilizers in ports and plants.

Dust problems in handling and transport can be overcome by simply installing a NODUST®Fs100 dosing unit on any desired location in the fertilizer production process.

Direct pigment dosing

Coloring of fertilizers has never been so easy.  Next to dust suppression, NODUST®Fs100 is also a perfect dispersing agent for pigments. It allows for simple admixture of the  pigments with the dust suppressant. The pigments can be sprayed with NODUST®Fs100, directly onto the fertilizers in the blender.

Next to the easier application of the pigments, it is  even possible to reduce the quantity of pigments due to the improved dispersion power of NODUST®Fs100.

A lower quantity of pigments is needed for the same color result, leading to further cost savings  in the blending process.

Improved Anti-Caking

NODUST®Fs100 acts as a dispersing agent for talcum based anti-caking products. The NODUST®Fs100 coating on the granules facilitates a uniform spread of the anti-caking powder in the fertilizer blend.

NODUST®Fs100 improves the anti-caking effect in combination with a typical dosage of 1 to 2 kg talcum powder per ton fertilizer formulation.