Technical information

NODUST®Fs100 can be applied with conventional equipment. Most modern blending installations have a dosing unit for oil and other additives. These installations do usually not require any modification for direct application of NODUST®Fs100.

For blenders that are not yet equipped with a dosing unit, it is very easy to setup the application process of NODUST®Fs100 with a pump and nozzles.


Regular gear pumps can be used for application of NODUST®Fs100. For example, Verdergear Gear Pumps are perfectly suitable for fluid transfer of liquids or expansive materials. They produce a very constant pulsation free flow without leackage. Magnetically driven gear pumps have no shaft seals and are 100% leakfree. The pumps are perfect for dosing small volumes in a precise and reproducible way.


Depending on the blender type, NODUST®Fs100 can be sprayed onto the fertilizer blend with cone nozzles.

For further information and advise in regard of system setup and equipment, the specialists of LignoStar can assist you at any time.